Manual Depot
 Chimes & Chime Drivers
 AC Chime Relay-Driver Board.pdf - (8860K)
 Cathedral Chimes & Chime Action Installation Instructions if purchased prior to 8-1-2011.PDF - (1504K)
 Cathedral Chimes Color Picture.pdf - (291K)
 Cathedral Chimes Installation Instructions new PS if purchased after 8-1-2011.pdf - (554K)
 Chime Interface Demux-Driver to Chimes Wiring 406577.pdf - (3498K)
 DC Chime Relay-Driver Board Installation.pdf - (8269K)
 Combination Actions
 MIDI Resource System
 MIDI Sound Packages
 Stop Controls
 Swell Shade Operator
 Switching Systems
 404333 Reversible X12 wiring information.pdf - (889K)
 Astron Power Supply Warning.pdf - (93K)
 Bar & Stop Driver II Installation Instructions - 404962.pdf - (242K)
 Console AC Control System Installation.pdf - (554K)
 Console Clock - Digital.pdf - (373K)
 Crescendo Shoe Encoder Installation.pdf - (85K)
 Crescendo Shoe Installation.pdf - (2608K)
 DynaTrem Installation Instructions.pdf - (7952K)
 Expression Shoe Installation.pdf - (2912K)
 Inteli-Power voltage select module instructions.pdf - (69K)
 Keying wrire spreader kit instructions 190485.pdf - (18K)
 Keyswitch Assembly Installation.pdf - (16586K)
 Low note flute installation instructions with figures.pdf - (1058K)
 Master Touch II instructions.pdf - (442K)
 Master Touch II keyboards dimensions with cheeks.pdf - (208K)
 Master Touch original keyboards.pdf - (182K)
 National Electrical Code Requirements.pdf - (8379K)
 Pedal Key Contact Installation.pdf - (123K)
 Pedal Key Contact PKC-32 Installation Instructions.pdf - (187K)
 Peterson_Order_Quote_Booklet_12.21.11.pdf - (1111K)
 Pipe Valve Locating Fixture Operating.pdf - (1364K)
 Pipe Valve performance chart revised 08-14-2014.pdf - (62K)
 SERIES II Pipe Valve Instructions.pdf - (82K)
 Slider Motor Controller Installation.pdf - (15169K)
 Test & Power Junction Installation.pdf - (418K)