The Peterson Company has specialized in applying state-of-the-art technology to the age-old art of organ building for over 74 years. More than sixty patents have been awarded to Peterson engineers for innovations that have, overall, significantly changed the way electric action pipe organs are built worldwide.

Today, Peterson control equipment and other components can be found in thousands of pipe organs, from small instruments in rural churches to some of the largest and most significant organs in the world.

At Peterson, the pipe organ industry's largest and most experienced engineering and technical staff is on hand to stand behind the company's unwavering commitment to long-term support of every product. Peterson's customer service department is widely acclaimed for being friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and fair. While Peterson sells only to professional organ builders and organ servicepersons, pipe organ owners can rest easy knowing that the company they choose to build and service their instrument will have efficient access to the best factory support available for its technical components.

A pipe organ's control system equipment, which handles functions like switching and coupling, combination action, expression control, and often communication with various MIDI devices, is fundamental to the reliable and predictable operation of the organ. That's why it is so important to choose this equipment, and the company that you'll depend on to stand behind it for the foreseeable future, with care and good judgment.

A new pipe organ or the rebuilding of an existing one represents an investment that will serve for generations to come. It only makes sense to demand that its control equipment...the very "brains and nervous system" of the organ... be provided by a firm with the longevity, stability, depth of experience, and reputation for excellence found at Peterson.

Peterson's line of control system products includes the right level of technology for virtually any pipe organ and spans the full range from ultra-simple "Diode Matrix" switching systems to the sophisticated, world-class ICS-4000 Integrated Control System.

On organs equipped with the ICS-4000 or other Peterson control systems, organists operate all traditional functions such as using pistons, stop and coupler controls, expression and crescendo shoes, and various other accessories in the usual manner. The more advanced capabilities of the ICS remain completely out of the way for those who simply want to play the organ as organs have been played for decades.

Others may wish to program their own crescendo patterns and tutti pistons, make MIDI-based recordings as they play the organ, or augment the organ's sounds with auxilliary voices from MIDI instruments controlled from the organ console's keys, expression shoes, pistons, and stop controls. Setting up and using these and the many other available functions is remarkably easy and intuitive using the ICS-4000's "Control Display Unit" or "CDU", a handsome and modern control panel that can be mounted on the nameboard or even in a pull-out drawer.

Peterson equipment is surprisingly affordable and offers superior value because of its excellent design, top quality materials and manufacturing, unmatched technical support, and the strength and stability of a firm that has been a respected leader in the field since 1948.